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Please exercise caution when dealing with...

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Please exercise caution when dealing with...

Postby AirbusH120 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:09 pm

I was approached early August by the chap that had previously serviced my drone and asked whether he could borrow it for a couple of days for a very specific shoot he needed to do. Perhaps I'm too trusting (duh!) and I naïvely lent it to him, and he promised to return it by that Friday. That was mid August.

You know the story: he didn't. After numerous broken promises he finally admitted that it was stolen from his car at a hospital. I didn't believe him gave him the benefit of the doubt. That turned out to be a lie as did the various reasons that followed - you know how the story goes. We all know someone like this.

But the reason for the post is:

1. to ask that you to keep an eye out for a Phantom 4 Pro+ that is fitted with (although this may be removed) a Durango Explorer Pro Long Range Antenna System being offered for sale or fairly recently being purchased or exchanged, and

2. to exercise caution when dealing with this individual.

We established that I was trusting and naïve. Whilst I don't like how this has turned out, I'm not going to get all cynical. The fact is the great majority of people are trustworthy and pleasant to deal with - this guy is an exception.

I wasn't going to name and shame him until I gave him every opportunity to make right and bring me my drone, pay me the cash equivalent, or quite frankly do something tangible. Anything.

After a string of empty promises and more than 6 weeks, he hasn't.

Therefore, I urge you to please exercise caution when dealing with:

Donnovan Lee de Gaye
I-View Drone Specialists
065 854 4299 or 072 776 0313

Carefully compiled from his various bits of barely coherent correspondence I believe that he got behind the curve somewhere and either sold, or was muscled out of a drone that he had in his possession - yes, mine. More recently he mentioned someone called 'Mario' whom I presume was also taken for a ride. I have no further details on Mario but would be interested in getting in touch with him.

I have further information relating to ID numbers, addresses, etc., although they serve no real purpose. If anyone needs more details, please feel free to PM me.

Donnovan knows who has the drone, or certainly who it was given to - but is not saying.

I'm in the fortunate position to be able to sustain this loss, but would hate it if a youngster or someone that relied on their drone for an income was done in by Donnovan Lee.

I would be delighted to pay a R5,000 reward for information that leads to the successful repatriation of my drone in the same or similar condition to when it was stolen. It goes without saying that any information will remain strictly confidential.
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