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Meaning of "Always Flying Forward"

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Meaning of "Always Flying Forward"

Postby xiphid » Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:22 pm


I fairly new with flying (in my case a quad) and I'm trying to grasp the meaning of "Always Flying Forward" that I've seen being recommended by Warthox and many flyers doing acrobatic flying.

Is this "always flying forward" a mode / option on the remote or simply a way of thinking/controlling the drone?

I've read somewhere that you can have a mode where no matter if you're flying nose in or nose out left is always left and right is always right (so is this what Warthox meant) or does he just rotate (adjust his yaw) so when no matter what direction he's flying his drone is always in the "forward" position?

Sorry if this is confusing the terms are still relevantly new to me I hope I didn't use them in the wrong manner and that my post is understandable!

Thanks for the help.
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Re: Meaning of "Always Flying Forward"

Postby IcePick » Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:08 am

WOW this site is really dead. I mean, hardly any posts!


I think what you are referring to is a mode that I have on my APM 2.5. Not sure if there are similar modes available on other flight controllers.

It's called Simple Mode where forward, backwards, left and right will always be the same, not matter what the orientation of the craft is. But only if you (the person with the radio in their hand) never changes their orientation.

So if you take off with yourself standing facing north for example and in Simple mode, the craft's orientation does not matter to backwards, forwards, left or right. But it will all go haywire if you for instance turn and face east, west or south.
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