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Postby AtomMick » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:04 am

Hello People!

I'm very much a newbie, having caught the bug when I bought my nephew a little Syma x13 quadcopter for christmas and couldnt help buying myself one too.

My background is in electronic hardware and software development on PC's and micros and my day job involves imaging in general, visible and thermal and machine vision in particular.

My ideal situation would be to build a basic multirotor which an "open" controller so that I can see what the sensors are measuring and how the controller is responding (not necessarily in real time to start), with the capability of expanding in the future to include GPS, more power, various types of imaging,etc. My budget is limited however. From what I can gather a small caft based on something like an Ardupilot would be a good starting point.

My first question is, since I am by no means a competent pilot, would I be better off buying an off the shelf device like a Syma X5 and learning how to fly first? Are there any other recommendations for a starter craft? The X13 I have does not seem stable and is in fact is quite unpredictable in its behaviour, so I'd like something better than this.

Thank You!\
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