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Multirotor's, Plane, parts, electronics, autopilot's and muc

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Multirotor's, Plane, parts, electronics, autopilot's and muc

Postby gassed » Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:31 am

I am based in Kimberley so courier or speed service can be used.

please contact me directly on 082 44 33 191 for more info or pictures. I can whats app the file with pic as i cant load them all here its to big.

I am open to reasonable offers.

1x Valcan 930mm x8 multirotor frame.
Zero Uav Gemini Dual Redundancy Auto Pilot, uses two ap and gps. Waypoints, mapping, return to land and many more this is a pro level auto pilot system. Zero uav wifi router for android app for gcs. 15-17min flight time with sony nex and gimbal, AUW 7.7-8kg.
Zero uav osd.
AMP 433mhz 100mw telemetry radio tx and 500mw rx.
8x 20amp HV esc.
5v regulator.
5.8ghz 600mw video transmitter.
Wire and ball gimbal dampening system.
2 axis carbon and alu dslr gimbal with 2x 4108 120t brushless motors , Alex mos 32bit gimbal controller, with Bluetooth connectivity to setup with smart phone or tablet.
Little smart things trigger and video controller for remote operation.
Hdmi to av convertor for Sony Nex camera.
8x Foxtech 5010 288kv motors
8x 18inch carbon foxtech light props.
1x Xpower 16000mah 6s 15c lipo battery.
R30 000.00 (New R60 000.00)
Will require a tablet or smart phone with android, transmitter and charger.
1xSony Camera Nex 5r w/16mm pancake and 18-50 lens Optional.
1x Futaba 14sg and rx optional.
1x Excludes tablet.

1x 600mm multrotor foldable frame, it was a proto type we built and flies great, you will need to make slots for the battery or be creative, has some nicks and scratches. Comes with 4 in one Hobbywing esc 4x20amp R2000.00. Gimbal and Alex mos 8bit 2 axis controller optional R1000.00 excluding Gopro.

1x Skywalker plane 2013:
Skywalker 2013 1880mm carbon boom and T tail, laminated, 3DR Pixhawk, 3DR GPS, OSD, power module, regulator, 600mw 5.8ghz video transmitter, 433mhz data transmitter & receiver with bluetooth 500mw, 4x 12g digital servos, Tmotor 2840 830kv motor, Xoar 12x6 prop, T Motor 60amp esc and 1x 8500mah 4s Xpower battery and some asseccories as per pic with belly pan, hindges and surface horns and and and. R7500.00
The skywalker I crashed on it maiden 3 times, the fuse has damage in the front which I repaird and I figured the autopilot was faulty so I have installed a new 3DR pixhawk but have never flown it since.
Requires 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver and charger.

Auto pilot:
1x Zero Uaz gemini M complete with wifi router, gps, regulator and optional osd. New R4000.00

1x Zero Uav yx s4 v2 with gps, return to home, no waypoints New R1000.00 Sold pending payment

1x Raptor autopilot, m8n cauv gps and 10s power module . New R3000.00

1x 3DR Pixhawk with gps, power module, 433mhz 500mw radio and buzzer, switch and 2x gps mast. Used pixhawk has some damage on the casing as it was in a machine that crashed. I have powered the pixhawk and all looks fine. The deal is a R1100.00 and if you test it and all is working then its an extra R1000.00 or its R1700.00 and you take your chance. Craft crashed because the double sided tape came loose and the vibrations caused the imu to go crazy. It was not the ap fault. Sold

1x PDB and regulator New
1x 12 3amp regulator New
2x 12 2amp regulator New all R700.00
1x 12 3amp BEC New
2x lc filter New
1x amp power module 4cell New

1x Savox SC 1251 MG servo New but don’t have its box, just used it for measurements. R500.00 Sold pending payment

1x 9g 180deg metal geat pan servo New R100.00

1x Tarot gopro av lead New R100.00

1x Speedpassion esc programmer same as Hobbywing just rebranded. Used R150.00

1x Hobbywing skywalker 40amp esc New R180.00 Sold pending payment

12x Afro HV 20amp eac New R1200.00 for all. Sold pending payment

2.4 FASST Receiver & Accessories.
2x Frsky TRF8s 2.4ghz rx New + pwn to sbus convertor Used once R600.00 all Sold pending payment

1x 2.4ghz 2000w transmitter booster New R500.00 Sold pending payment

4x Dual Sky XM 5010 MR 9 390kv New R3800.00 all. great with 6s 15-16inch props

4x T Motor 4006 740kv motors Used R1200.00 all.

2x pair 13x5.5 carbon prop New R300.00 all. Sold pending payment
1x pair 20.5.5 carbon props + 3cw props Used R180.00 all.
2x pair 16x5.5 carbon fiber props New R400.00 all. Sold pending payment

1x pair Xoar beech wood props 15x5 Used
3x pair Xoar beech wood props 15x6 Used R700.00 for all 7 pairs
3x pair Xoar beech wood props 14x6 Used

1x pair apc 14v 4.7 slow fly prop New
2x pair apc 14x6.5 prop electric Used R100.00 all Sold pending payment
1x pair apc 15x4 prop elec Used

Carbon fiber tube + accessories
4x 20x20x18mm square 600mm carbon fiber tube New
3x 5x3x1000mm carbon tube New
2x 10x8x500mm carbon fiber tube New
4x 12x10x500mm carbon fiber tube New
2x 16x14x500mm carbon fiber tube New all R5000.00
4x 20x18x1000mm carbon fiber tube New
2x 22x20x500mm carbon fiber tube New
8x 25x23x500mm carbon fiber tube New
2x 12mm boom clamp alu New
3x 16mm boom clamp alu New
2x 20mm boom clamp alu New all R100.00
2x tarot t joint 25x16mm New

Gimbal and parts.
1x Ifight gimbal (red) with spare motor 4008 and square carbon fiber damper plat with balls, 2axix Martinez controller board used R1500, needs to be put together and setup.

2x 2606 BGM for gopro gimbal New
1x 2212 BGN For gopro gimbal New All R800.00
1x 4114 GBM for SDLR gimbal New

Total R 67 000.00…take the whole lot for R 50 000.00...Open to offers!!!!!
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