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Fatshark 5.8Ghz link to seperate receiver to relay signal

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Fatshark 5.8Ghz link to seperate receiver to relay signal

Postby phoenix » Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:05 pm

Hi Guys

First post, Yeah!!

I recently bought a full RTF FPV kit including the Fatshark Dominator goggles, 5.8Ghz module, 600mw ImmersionRC transmitter, Bluebeam Whip Antennae's, 700TVL CCD Camera and EzOSD to start off with and I assume the equipment should be good for at least 500m - 1km range with LOS. The thing is I want to launch my quadcopter from the garden at the back of my house, over the wall and fly in the open field behind my house. In the near future I was thinking of getting a separate receiver (or perhaps a diversity receiver) to mount on a tripod or high pole. However in an effort to use the least amount of cabling (especially from the Fatshark googles to the separate receiver), I would like to find out if anyone has managed to relay their FPV signal via a standalone receiver and onto the fatshark goggles without long AV cables to the goggles. I presume a separate transmitter would be needed on the output of the standalone receiver just to relay the signal directly to the goggles.

Has anyone done this already and could you perhaps share your experiences with this approach?
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