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Interesting Video by RCmodelreviews

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Interesting Video by RCmodelreviews

Postby DanZ » Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:51 pm

Hey guys

I see someone posted this on the FB group already, thought I would post it on the forums too. I think this guy is 100% right regarding his views on FPV, there are unfortunately as with everything a few bad apples that will ruin it for the rest but again there are laws already in place to deal with them.

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Re: Interesting Video by RCmodelreviews

Postby Gamma » Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:06 pm

Hopefully this will be the one time that SA will be far behind the world and kinda forget about this new happenings haha.

But jokes aside. Even in SA this might be a issue in the future, the nature of "drones" can be a bit misleading and someone who does not fly RC or FPV does not really understand the concept if you ask me... But hey, that's my opinion.

Currently I don't fly FPV since I still need to fix my cam to my quad again, but I have flown it and I can certainly understand why people want to ban drones. Most people only focus on the worst case that drones can do.

There are MANY things that a quad/multirotor can do that will get them banned within a week.
Ever thought of strapping some C4 or plastic explosives to a cheap R4k quad, fly it into a president or someone of power doing a speech, and boom (no pun intended) you have successfully made a simple multirotor into a killing force.FPV or filming is simple just another application of it.

And like said in the video, even if you ban drones and filming, what will stop you from strapping a camera to a broom and look over the fence?

Its just one of those things...
Beerlifting? Students, beer and multirotors... What can go wrong?
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