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More NAZA M Lite drama

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More NAZA M Lite drama

Postby hrefab » Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:23 am

Sent back the original NAZA M Lite to point of purchase. Waiting on replacement unit. In the meantime, Setting up a second unit and get everything working as expected except for GPS. Plug in GPS Puck and it heats up like a hotplate. Can't access IOC or Return to home function. Removed GPS Puck as soon as I felt the heat (Excessive to the point of dangerous). Without GPS Puck installed, Flies Normally in both Atti and Manual.
Anyone up for input?
(Called same point of sale outfit and reported the problem. They will replace GPS Puck but I'm not sure as to what exactly is happenning here (obviously a short of some sort, but has anyone else experienced these issues?)
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