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APM to NAZA conversion on an Arducopter

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APM to NAZA conversion on an Arducopter

Postby GarethRens » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:49 pm

APM to NAZA Conversion

All required diagrams are attached in jpg individually and a quick reference pdf. Good idea to print it!

Step 1
Disconnect and remove APM.
You will be left with 2 cables, the 5V (that comes from an ESC) power cable and the motor connections plug. We will not be using either of them.

Step 2

Solder the red and black power cables of the VU unit (power supply) to the lipo side of the PDB.

Step 3

Mount the naza directly in the center of the copter, making sure its pointing in the correct direction. Use the supplied DS tape.

Step 4

Remove the ESC signal cables from the AC PDB.

Remove the red wire from ALL ESC signal cables.
(use a sharp point and remove the terminal from the 3 pin plug. Then cover it with some heatshrink. Doing it this way, you can revert back to BEC escs if you want to later for whatever reason)

Calibrate the ESCs just to be safe.

Step 5

Connect the 4 pin plug from the VU unit to the LED port on the Naza and
connect the 3 pin plug to the X3 port.

Step 6

Connect all escs to the M ports on the naza. Use the attached prop/motor orientation diagram to make sure you plug the correct ones in and check and double check motor direction It is different to the APM!!! ;)

Step 7

Connect receiver to naza using supplied signal cables.

Lastly, start at the beginning and check your work. Remember, even monkeys fall out of trees! ;)

Your hardware is now set up.

Next: Software setup...

Naza Quick Reference.pdf
(109.11 KiB) Downloaded 271 times
supported multirotors and motor-prop directions (Custom).jpg
port descriptions (Custom).jpg
assembly (Custom).jpg
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Re: APM to NAZA conversion on an Arducopter

Postby spiff » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:39 am

thanks Gareth
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