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Futaba T8J Throttle Hold Workaround

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Futaba T8J Throttle Hold Workaround

Postby GarethRens » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:58 am

While setting up my new Futaba 8J today, I discovered it doesnt have all the features of the 8FG-S. (obviously)

Im running a DJI flight controller, so in ATTI or GPS mode when your throttle is at 50%, the copter holds the current altitude.
My problem is that when I yaw while hovering, I inevitably bump the throttle either up or down and this leads to a bouncy rotation.

A simple solution to this is setup the throttle hold function to set the throttle to 50% when you flick a specific switch (swF).
Then you can yaw as much as you want and even move the throttle up and down with no change in altitude.

In theory all is good...
Until I discover that there is no throttle hold function in acrobatic mode on the 8J.
Neither the throttle cut, idle down or prog mixing yielded any positive results.
Ironically there is a throttle hold feature on the 8J but its only available in HELI mode.... :dots:

A google search yielded little to no results as of the date of this post.
So I decided to go through every menu item in an attempt to find some or other way of accomplishing my goal, I found the solution in under 5 mins.
Now one would think this method should be in the manual somewhere, but alas only helicopter pilots need a throttle hold...

Anyway, enough blabbing.

1. Go into the menu.
2. Go to THR-CURVE and set everything as below.
Obviously substitute SwF for whatever switch you want to use.

SwF UP = THR HOLD OFF (Normal throttle curve)
THRHOLD-OFF (Custom).jpg

SwF DW = THR HOLD ON (All values set to 50%)
THRHOLD-ON (Custom).jpg

And Voila! Problem solved!

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