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FRsky telemetry receiver modules question

PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:52 pm
by dutchdog
guys i got this receiver combo, now the transmitter module says telemetry, but the receiver is not telemetry compatible. ... II_RX.html
it also says

* Transmitter Module is compaitble with all V8 NON-telemetry Recievers

now why does the module of transmitter then say telemetry? I want to see the battery voltage of my drone. do I need to upgrade to a tarannis radio and FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers, such as X8R, X6R, X4R, etc.

or is there a wayto make the existing djt module display telemetry voltage somehow, I am confused to wwhy the djt module says telemetry and thje v8fr-II hv is not telemetry enabled?